CompTIA A+ 220-701: 4.1 – Common Ports

The fundamental languages used over our computer networks are a standard set of protocols that are used around the world. In this video, you’ll learn about protocols and the set of standards associated with TCP/IP. You’ll also learn the essentials of TCP/IP and how subnetting can be used to build today’s modern networks.

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1 thought on “CompTIA A+ 220-701: 4.1 – Common Ports”

  1. Very helpful videos again, thanks Prof. It might help those studying to note that as a general rule, of the 65535 ports available, the so-called “reserved” or non-ephemeral ports are all going to be found under the value of 1024, whereas ports one might arbitrarily assign, like the example port of 4444 the professor used in the video, would all be greater than 1024. I posit this to help alleviate the stress one might feel thinking he has to memorize all these numbers ranging from 0 to 64k. At this point in time, if it’s on the test, it’s going to have to be a port number under 1024, the other 63k you can avoid worrying about. If a multiple choice question for a reserved port has a value over 1024, then THAT answer is going to be wrong by default. I leave it to the Professor to please correct me if my memory has failed me here.

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