6 thoughts on “CompTIA A+ 220-701: 3.1 – Operating Systems”

  1. I love the new format. The end of section reviews, along with some questions make your videos even better.
    Bravo Proffessor Messer! ^_^

  2. Thanks very much for these videos! This one is especially important because it covers the differences in Operating Systems and it’s a good overview of Vista/7, which was the only thing the previous videos didn’t have. I also like the new format with the pop quiz at the end.
    Great job and Thanks again, Professor Messer!
    I’m taking the tests tomorrow – if I pass, it’ll be largely because of your help. Wish me luck!

  3. Just passed the Comptia a+ and have to say thanks to Professor Messer for the video training, they were a great help in understanding what we had to know on each module

  4. I am still studying to take the exam. These videos are of a great help. Thanks Professor Messer

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