2 thoughts on “CompTIA A+ 220-701: 5.1 – Security Fundamentals”

  1. I don’t understand the part in Social Engineering about the USB key in a parking lot. Does that mean that people have to be careful not to drop things on the way to their car, or that criminals will actually leave something there on purpose so that someone will take it inside and try to use it?

    I guess both could be a problem, but I want to understand your point.

    Thanks again – these videos are so helpful!!!


    1. Tony, the USB key issue is a very common social engineering tactic. The idea is that you could place your USB flash drive in the parking lot of a workplace, and someone entering the building would find the flash drive, take it inside, and plug it into a corporate computer. At that point, your evil spy software would install itself silently on a corporate computer and you’d be able to take control of company resources without stepping into the building.

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