Security+ Study Resources

You need four things to make your studies a success. Comprehensive videos, good books, lots of Q&A, and plenty of hands-on. These resources should give you everything you need to pass your Security+ exam!

Resource #1: My Videos

Every minute of my Security+ Course is available to watch for free, including replays of every monthly live Study Group Q&A session.

Click here to watch the Security+ video course

My Security+ Course Notes include summaries of every video, including the text and graphics for each CompTIA exam objective.

Resource #2: Good Books

You’ll need as many resources as possible to pass your exam. Here are some of the most popular Security+ books:

Resource #3: Lots of Q&A

One of the best ways to know if you’re ready for the actual exam is to test yourself. My Practice Exams book provides three full practice exams, detailed explanations, and video links for each question topic.

Resource #4: Plenty of Hands-On

There are many options for hands-on labs: