Microsoft 70-680: 6.4 – Remote Connections – Part 1

Virtual Private Networks allow us to take our computers anywhere and still maintain a secure network connection back to our central office. In this video, you’ll learn how VPNs authenticate and tunnel our network traffic into a secure encrypted link.

Microsoft 70-680: 6.3 – Configuring Windows 7 Mobility

If you’re running a mobile device with Windows 7, there are a number of built-in features that can make your life much easier. In this video, we’ll detail the operation of offline file policies, discuss transparent caching, and the configuration of power policies.

Microsoft 70-680: 6.2 – DirectAccess

DirectAccess is a new feature in Windows 7, and it brings a unique set of configuration challenges to administrators. In this video, you’ll learn about this new technology and how to configure clients to take advantage of this always-on remote access feature.

Microsoft 70-680: 6.1 – BitLocker and BitLocker To Go

Full-disk encryption is a powerful feature of Windows 7, and BitLocker To Go extends this capability to portable media drives. In this video, you’ll learn how to configure BitLocker, make the appropriate updates via Group Policy, and manage data recovery agents.

Microsoft 70-680: 5.5 – BranchCache

Windows 7 introduces a seamless method of increasing performance over slow WAN links using built-in caching. In this video, you’ll learn the infrastructure requirements for BranchCache, how to configure BranchCache settings, and the differences between distributed cache mode and hosted cache mode.

Microsoft 70-680: 5.4 – Authentication and Authorization

Access to a Windows 7 computer includes rights, credentials, and authentications. In this video, you’ll learn how to configure Windows 7 rights, manage credentials and certificates, how to elevate user privileges, and using smart cards for multifactor authentication.

Microsoft 70-680: 5.2 – File and Folder Access

Windows 7 provides extensive options for access and security to files and folders. In this video, you’ll learn about configuring NTFS permissions, encrypting files with EFS, and how to resolve effective permissions issues.

Microsoft 70-680: 5.1 – Shared Resources

Networks were made for sharing, but the key is making it all work together. In this video, you’ll learn about Windows Libraries, basic and advanced file sharing, sharing printers, and how to create your very own HomeGroup.

Microsoft 70-680: 4.6 – Remote Management

If you’re managing a large number of Windows 7 desktops, then you’ll also need a way to manage those devices from a remote computer. In this video, you’ll learn about Remote Assistance, Remote Desktop, and how to run shell scripts and PowerShell scripts on remote computers.