Keeping Things Clean

Preventive maintenance of your computers is an essential component of the CompTIA A+ certification. In this module, we’ll show you how to clean both the outside and the inside of your computer, including the monitor, fan intakes, motherboard components, and connector contacts.

Preventing Electrostatic Discharge

Static electricity can cause serious damage electronic components. Fortunately, there are some products and techniques that can help prevent electrostatic discharge. In this CompTIA A+ training module, we’ll learn about electrostatic discharge and discuss some products that can be used in your work environment to help prevent the buildup and discharge of static electricity. We’ll also compare ESD to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and show how troubleshoot and eliminate sources of EMI.

The CompTIA A+ Toolbag

Every CompTIA A+ technology professional needs a tool bag with the right mix of diagnostic tools, specialty tools, and cleaning products. In this video, we’ll walk you through the must-have tools for everyday troubleshooting and preventive maintenance.

The Human Component: Professionalism

As technology has become more pervasive, there’s been an increased emphasis across the IT industry on providing a professional work environment. In this CompTIA A+ video training module, we’ll provide you with seven essential skills that will help you maintain the highest levels of professionalism at every stage of your career.

The Human Component: Communication

If you thought the CompTIA A+ certification was only about all-things-technical, then you might be surprised at the latest exam objectives that focus on communication skills. In this video, you’ll learn about three techniques that will allow you to communicate better with customers, fellow technicians, and even people outside of your work environment.

Troubleshooting Process Best Practices

Some troubleshooting techniques have universal appeal. In this module of Professor Messer’s Free CompTIA A+ Certification Training, you’ll learn the troubleshooting best practices used by IT professionals every day to solve difficult problems on some of the world’s largest computing environments.

The Troubleshooting Process

One of the most important aspects of the CompTIA A+ certification is the constant focus on resolving almost any technical issue. In this module, you’ll learn the five steps of troubleshooting theory and how each step is an important part of the process towards resolving problems.

CompTIA A+ Training Course Introductory Module

This is an overview video for Professor Messer’s Free CompTIA A+ Certification Training Course, the industry’s first free video-based training for the CompTIA A+ certification. In this introductory module, you’ll learn about Professor Messer, the format of the training course, and our goal for building a community of A+ certified professionals. You’ll also learn about the history of CompTIA, the advantages of an A+ certification, the exam categories, and best practices to use when taking the CompTIA A+ certification exam at your testing center.