Microsoft 70-680: 8.2 – Windows 7 System Recovery Options

When something goes wrong, you need to have all of the right tools available to fix the problem. In this video, you’ll learn how to create and restore from a system restore point, when to use the last known good configuration, how to rollback a driver, and how to completely restore a Windows 7 system.

What utility can turn back the hands of time?

When you left a customer’s location last week, their computer was working perfectly. Since that time, the end user has installed new hardware, removed some applications, upgraded some software, and installed some new operating system patches. Unfortunately, the computer is no longer working as well as it did a week ago. What Windows feature can keep all of the user’s documents in place but change the configuration of the computer to the working configuration from a week ago?

How can you return your system to a configuration from three weeks ago?

Three weeks ago, you installed a new piece of hardware that you suspect has been intermittently causing system errors. Unfortunately, you’re not 100% sure that the new hardware is the issue, or if it may be related to a new video driver that was installed after the installation of the new hardware. What Windows feature would allow you to go “back in time” and change your system configuration to be exactly as it was three weeks ago, prior to any of these new installations?

Where is application configuration information stored?

During the process of troubleshooting an application startup problem, you suspect that the issue is related to a problem in the application configuration. To fix the issue, you’ll need to directly modify the application configuration information in the operating system. Where does Windows store application configuration information?