Drive churn

On your Windows Vista computer, you notice that your hard drive access light is constantly blinking, even when your computer is idle. Which of these is the most likely cause of this constant drive access?

Just one more bite

You are trying to save a 6 gigabyte video file onto your computer, but Windows is giving a message that the disk is out of space. You’ve checked the drive, and over 1000 gigabytes of free space is available. Which of these would be the most likely cause of this issue?

Why doesn’t it work?

Your computer’s hard drive failed, so you purchased a new hard drive and installed it. When you start the computer, you see the message “Operating System not Found.” Which of these orders of steps should you use to get your system back up and running?

What kind of disk should you create?

You are configuring a disk array on a new server, and you need to configure Windows to use mirroring to duplicate information across disk drives. What kind of Windows disk should you create to support this requirement?