Why can’t my computer see my new memory modules?

You’ve recently upgraded the memory in your computer from 1 GB to 2 GB by removing two 512 MB memory modules and replacing them with two 1 GB memory modules. However, when you boot the computer it beeps and no error messages are shown on the screen. Which one of these would not be a troubleshooting option for this kind of issue?

What was that error again?

During the startup process of one of your computers, an error message appears in the middle of the screen with a generic error code and message. The error does not identify the application that caused the message, and there are so many applications launching during startup that it’s difficult to know exactly which one is causing this message to appear. The rest of the Windows startup process operates normally and the computer works as expected. Where is the best place to get more information about this error message?

If you fixed the computer, why doesn’t it work?

After completing a normal memory upgrade, you power up the computer and receive an error message on the screen complaining that a boot device isn’t available. The hard drive was working correctly prior to the upgrade. What’s the most likely reason for the error?

How should you troubleshoot this startup problem?

Your Windows startup process is crashing with a Windows Stop error before you can get a login screen. You suspect that a service is crashing the system, but you obviously can’t use your normal login process to disable the service. What is the next best option for ensuring the service is disabled?