CompTIA A+ 220-701: 2.2 – Hardware Issues

Hardware issues can impact performance, cause application glitches, or render a PC completely unusable. In this video, you’ll learn how to identify hardware problems such as excessive heat, noise issues, and audible alerts. << Previous Video: Operating System IssuesNext: Documentation and Resources >>

How can you secure your computer’s hardware configuration?

You’re planning to disable the USB port on all of the computers in your organization, but you’re concerned about your end user community re-enabling the ports on individual systems. What’s the easiest way to ensure that the hardware changes are protected from any end-user modifications?

How can you verify hardware compatibility with Windows XP?

Your organization would like to purchase a high-end document printer to use with Windows XP. Because of the costs involved, you need to be certain that the printer is compatible with Windows XP Professional. What’s the best way to confirm that the printer is compatible with Windows XP?

What tool can test physical ports?

When working with hardware, you may need to test the operation and functionality of the physical ports on a computer. What tool allows you to run diagnostics software to test the physical operation of computer ports?