CompTIA A+ 220-701: 1.7 – Display Devices

We can’t easily use our computers without some type of display device, and you’ve got many to choose from. In this module, you’ll learn about CRTs, display projectors, display connector types, and the specifications you should consider when purchasing a new LCD monitor.

Troubleshooting a laptop display

One of your customers has called with a problem related to the laptop’s LCD display. Although the laptop’s display had been working normally yesterday, when starting the laptop this morning the LCD display remained blank. What’s the best option for troubleshooting the LCD display?

Why is your laptop screen black?

Your laptop screen was working properly yesterday, but now the display doesn’t show anything. When booting up the laptop, you notice that the LCD display backlight isn’t turning on at all and you can see a faint image appearing on the LCD panel. Connectivity to an external monitor works normally. What is the most likely problem?

What resolution is UXGA?

You are looking to purchase a new laptop computer, and the specifications of the laptop’s LCD display are for a UXGA resolution. What are the dimensions in pixels of UXGA resolution?

Troubleshooting a Laptop LCD Display

You’ve powered on a laptop, but the LCD screen isn’t displaying any video. The laptop’s lights are working and you can hear the fan and hard drive running. Which of these options would be appropriate troubleshooting steps?