Microsoft 70-680: 1.3 – Windows 7 Clean Installation

One of the most fundamental Windows 7 installation methods is to install the operating system on an empty hard drive without any upgrade or dual-boot requirements. In this video, you’ll perform a clean installation from beginning to end and learn how configuration files can completely automate the installation process.

Microsoft 70-680: 1.2 – Windows 7 Installation Sources

Most of us are accustomed to installing new software from a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, but Windows 7 can be installed from many other sources. In this video, you’ll learn about Windows 7 installation sources and how you can create a bootable USB flash drive and a Windows PE boot disk.

Microsoft 70-680: 1.1 – Windows 7 Editions

If you’re planning a rollout of Windows 7, then you’ll need to know what each Windows 7 edition includes and what kind of hardware requirements you’ll need. In this video, you’ll learn what’s included with all six Windows 7 editions, and you’ll find out how much memory and disk space you’ll need to get them installed and running efficiently.