Microsoft 70-680: 4.3 – Configuring IPv6

IPv6 is quickly becoming the new standard for Internet communication. In this video, you’ll learn about IPv6 connectivity and how to configure your Windows 7 operating system from the GUI and the command line.

Microsoft 70-680: 4.4 – Configuring Networking Settings

Wireless networks are everywhere, both in the office and outside of the workplace. In this video, you’ll learn about networking settings with an emphasis in wireless connectivity. You’ll also learn about the different 802.11 network technologies, an overview of securing wireless networks, how to connect to a wireless network in the GUI and at the command line, and how to take advantage of location-aware printing.

Microsoft 70-680: 4.2 – Configuring IPv4

If you’re managing a Windows 7 network, then you’ll certainly be asked to configure IPv4 settings. In this video, you’ll learn how to connect to a network, configure name resolution, the use of network locations, how to leverage APIPA, and how to resolve basic connectivity issues.