Network Command Line Tools – CompTIA A+ 220-802: 1.3

Microsoft Windows provides a number of networking features, and many of those capabilities can be viewed and configured at the command line. In this video, you’ll learn how to manage your Windows network settings, modify network configurations, and troubleshoot network connections from the command line.

CompTIA Network+ N10-005: 4.3 – Netstat

If you need to examine the details of inbound and outbound IP network connections, then the netstat command can provide the information you need. In this video, you’ll learn how to use different netstat commands to view IP connection details.

CompTIA Network+ N10-004: 5.1 – Command Line Tools

Many of the most powerful network troubleshooting tools can be found at the command line of your operating system. In this video, you’ll learn the importance of command line tools such as traceroute, ipconfig, ifconfig, ping, arping, nslookup, dig, mtr, route, nbtstat, and netstat.