Where’s the printer?

The marketing department has just received their new printer and plugged in into a Windows XP system with a USB cable. However, when they try to print for the first time they don’t see the new printer in their list of available output devices. What is the most likely cause of this problem?

What kind of printer is this?

The marketing department has ordered a new printer that they plan on using for their colorful advertising layouts. This printer uses solid panels of ink colors on a single ribbon, and prints by transferring the colors to the paper using heat. The printer provides fantastic color output, but doesn’t have a true black color. What kind of printer is this?

Troubleshooting garbled printouts

A customer has called you with a printer problem where the printouts are completely garbled. Instead of a text document from a word processor, the page is filled with random characters, lines, and block graphics. What’s the best next step to help troubleshoot the problem?

Why can’t I see my printer’s paper trays?

Your organization has a large networked printer that has five paper trays and an envelope tray. However, the only options available during the printing process are to print to a single paper tray or the envelope tray. What is the most likely cause of this problem?