I think they liked my 60 watt version

You’ve plugged your laptop into the conference room LCD projector, but the presentation appears only on your laptop LCD display and not on the projector’s output. Which of these would be the next best troubleshooting step?

Look, a bear!

You are ready to present a slideshow on a digital projector, but nothing is shown on the screen when you connect your laptop. Which of these would be the best step to take next?

Dark on Mondays

One of your users is trying to connect their laptop to an LCD projector. However, when they connect the video cable to the laptop, nothing is displayed on the projected screen. Which of these would be the best choice for resolving this issue?

CompTIA A+ 220-701: 1.7 – Display Devices

We can’t easily use our computers without some type of display device, and you’ve got many to choose from. In this module, you’ll learn about CRTs, display projectors, display connector types, and the specifications you should consider when purchasing a new LCD monitor.