Has anyone seen my address?

When you start your computer at work, your laptop doesn’t configure itself with a valid IP address. Which protocol is responsible for configuring your IP address?

CompTIA A+ 220-701: 4.1 – Common Ports

The TCP and UDP protocols use ports to associate application communication between devices. In this video, you’ll get an overview of ports and you’ll learn which ports are most commonly found on the network.

CompTIA A+ 220-701: 4.1 – Protocols and Addresses

The fundamental languages used over our computer networks are a standard set of protocols that are used around the world. In this video, you’ll learn about protocols and the set of standards associated with TCP/IP. You’ll also learn the essentials of TCP/IP and how subnetting can be used to build today’s modern networks.

The Details in an Nmap Protocol Decode

In the last mini-training course lesson, we learned about the different methods of gathering the network traffic created during our Nmap scans. In this lesson, we’ll go through our trace file and see exactly what happens when Nmap hits the network.