Installing and Configuring Security Systems

The practical implementation of security system impacts a wide range of systems, technologies, and processes. In this video, you’ll learn how to secure your BIOS, use smart cards, audit your system through event logs, and how NTFS can make your system more secure.

Securing Data

What are the most important aspects to remember for securing your organization’s important data? In this video, we’ll show you some useful best practices for securing data through such methods as access controls, event logging, encryption, password management, and incident reporting.

Wireless Security

A wireless network provides excellent mobility, but it also creates a number of security concerns. In this video, we’ll discuss wireless encryption types and aspects of access point security that include MAC filtering, SSID management, IP addressing, and firmware.

Security Fundamentals

Data security is the responsibility of everyone in the organization. In this module, we’ll examine some of the basic fundamentals of security such as authentication technologies, file system security, and social engineering.