Are you being served?

One of your customers has an internally written application that manages inbound file transfers from remote locations. After upgrading their computer to Windows 7, the application stops working and remote clients are complaining that their file transfers are rejected before they even start. Which of these is the most likely cause of this issue?

What’s that buzzing noise?

One of your file servers has started making a loud buzzing sound. The buzzing doesn’t ever stop, and it sounds like a game show buzzer when you get a question wrong. What is the most likely cause of this noise?

What can you use to control another computer?

You’ve been asked to install a new application on a server on the other side of the country. The easiest way to install the application is directly from the console of the server. What utility will allow you to control the server and install the application?

How can you baseline server resources?

Your budget year is coming to a close, and you still haven’t decided if your aging server will get either a memory upgrade or a hard drive upgrade. What Windows utility would allow you to baseline both the memory utilization of your server and the disk drive usage over time?