Share the share

You’d like to access a public share on your NAQUADAH server, but you can’t remember the share name. Which of these commands will show you the share names from your Windows 7 desktop?

Hook that share

You need to connect to a Windows network share from the command line. Which command would allow you to complete this requirement?

Where are the shares?

You are on your Windows Vista desktop at the command line. What command has an option that would allow you to view available shares on a remote computer?

How do you determine the effective permissions?

You have set permissions on a set of files in an NTFS folder, and you have a different set of permissions on a network share to the same NTFS folder. When someone connects to the share across the network, how do you determine the effective permissions?

Where are those shares?

When you install Windows, there are a number of administrative hidden shares that are already configured in the operating system. What character denotes a hidden share?

How can you hide a share?

You’d like to create a share on your computer, but you don’t want to publicly advertise the availability of the share. How can you create a hidden share?

What command line option connects to shares?

You’d like to use the command line to connect to a Windows share on your central file server. Which command can be used at a command prompt to connect to a network share? A) NET CONNECT B) SHARE USE C) SHARE CONNECT D) NET USE E) O HAI CONNECT THE SHARE PLZ