CompTIA A+ 220-702: 1.2 – Troubleshooting Memory

The process of troubleshooting memory is a combination of physical troubleshooting and software diagnostics. In this video, you’ll learn what to look for when troubleshooting the memory installation on the motherboard and how to use memory diagnostics software to diagnose memory issues.

It’s a sneaky one.

What category of malicious software gains access to your system by disguising itself as something nonthreatening? Choose the best answer.

Software Tools

CompTIA A+ certified professionals need more than screwdrivers and multimeters to properly troubleshoot and maintain computing systems. To provide the best troubleshooting and preventive maintenance, they must also have the right software tools. In this module, we’ll discuss the primary categories of software tools and show you where to download some free software compilations that will make your job much easier.