Especially the cherry kind

You need to gather long-term statistics for one of your Windows database servers, and you’d like to have at least a month of data to review. Which of these would be the best choice for this requirement?

That’s a little creepy

One of your users is complaining of slowdowns on their computer, and the issue seems to appear randomly every week. Which one of these utilities would provide you with a long-term view of their computer statistics?

Information gathering over time

One of your customers has reported a problem with their computer slowing down during certain parts of the day. What utility could you use to gather long-term statistics that could be used for analysis later?

CompTIA A+ 220-702: 2.3 – Managing Tasks

If you’re trying to resolve a Windows issue, you may need to examine the real-time performance statistics of the operating system. In this video, you’ll learn how to use Windows Task Manager to view processes, examine resource usage, set priority on applications, and administratively terminate tasks.

What’s happening in Windows right now?

A client has complained of sluggish performance from their brand new desktop computer, and they’re not sure what’s causing the slowdown. After asking questions about their application use and computer history, you’re interested in examining the active processes and current memory use. What Windows utility can give you this information in real-time?

Which windows utility tracks statistics?

An end user is reporting that applications running on his computer slow down to a crawl for minutes at a time. The problem occurs without warning, and the time between incidences appears to occur randomly. You’d like configure the system to track performance such as pages per second, average disk queue length, and processor time percentage over an entire business day. Which Windows utility could accomplish this?