I’m feeling unlucky

When you connect a USB device, Windows does not recognize that a new device has been connected. Which of these would be the best place to view the status of your USB interfaces?

My keyboard has no strings to hold it down

You’ve connected a new wireless mouse and keyboard combo, but the installation program isn’t recognizing the new USB wireless transceiver. Which of these Windows utilities would be the best choice for determining the status of the new hardware?

Has anyone seen my desk?

You are installing a new gigabit Ethernet connection, and when you plug in the network cable into your laptop the status light indicators are dark. Which of these would be the most likely status of the network connection?

USB, or no USB?

You have been using a new USB-connected external hard drive, but you’re finding that the drive letter disappears from Windows Explorer at random times. What Windows utility can provide you with the real-time status of the USB ports?

CompTIA A+ 220-702: 2.3 – Managing Disks

When you add a new hard drive into a Windows system, you’re faced with a large number of partition options, disk status information, and drive options. In this video, you’ll learn the differences in partition types, how to add or modify Windows disks, and how to use the powerful Windows Disk Management utility.