Blue Screen of Love

One of your clients is suffering through seemingly random instances of the blue Windows Stop Error. The problem appears to occur without any warning, and your client has not been able to determine what might be causing the issue. The last instance of the Stop Error occurred earlier in the week. What is the best way to start resolving this problem?

Stop, in the name of something

One of your computers is randomly giving a blue Windows STOP error multiple times a day. The problem always occurs when the processor is under heavy use, such as video rendering or graphics editing. The computer runs without any errors the rest of the time. Which of these would be the best start for troubleshooting this problem?

That crashing noise

You’ve started one of your computers after returning after a week away from the office, and you find that your PC crashes with a Windows Stop Error shortly after login. You then discover that a series of patches and OS updates were made while you were vacationing. Which of these options would be the best choice to begin the process of returning your system to a workable state?

Bluer than blue

One of your clients has called and complained of a blue-screen error that occurs about once a day. Unfortunately, they’ve not written down any of the messages that appear on the error page. Where can you find details about the Windows Stop Error after the computer has been rebooted?

How should you troubleshoot this startup problem?

Your Windows startup process is crashing with a Windows Stop error before you can get a login screen. You suspect that a service is crashing the system, but you obviously can’t use your normal login process to disable the service. What is the next best option for ensuring the service is disabled?