Troubleshooting Printer Problems – CompTIA A+ 220-802: 4.9

We rely on our printers for some important business tasks, but these mechanical devices bring with them a number of potential hardware and software issues. In this video, you’ll learn about printer tests, bad output, final print issues, paper jams, network connectivity issues, and printer error messages.

Any port test in a storm

You’re having problems with a serial port on your laptop, and your diagnostics software needs an external tool to help complete the testing. Which of these tools is often used for testing physical ports?

CompTIA A+ 220-702: 1.2 – Troubleshooting Processors

Troubleshooting processors can be a challenge, since there are no wires, no moving parts, and no obvious multimeter access. In this video, you’ll learn how to use some nifty software tools to help stress test CPUs, check for overheating, and gather specific processor details.