Microsoft 70-680: 6.4 – Remote Connections – Part 1

Virtual Private Networks allow us to take our computers anywhere and still maintain a secure network connection back to our central office. In this video, you’ll learn how VPNs authenticate and tunnel our network traffic into a secure encrypted link.

Microsoft 70-680: 6.2 – DirectAccess

DirectAccess is a new feature in Windows 7, and it brings a unique set of configuration challenges to administrators. In this video, you’ll learn about this new technology and how to configure clients to take advantage of this always-on remote access feature.

What is a VPN?

Your company’s security team has announced the rollout of a new VPN for each laptop in the organization. What will this VPN provide?

CompTIA A+ 220-701: 4.1 – Network Technologies

The fundamental operation of the network uses many different technologies to ensure that traffic will flow properly between devices. In this video module, you’ll learn about status indicators, duplex settings, the difference between workgroups and domains, and much more.

What security technology is the right fit?

Your organization wants to provide virtual private network connectivity from outside the office, but additional security is required. The primary requirement is that each user is verified with a username, password, and a piece of information that physically identifies the user. What would be the most appropriate solution for this requirement?