What is MAC filtering?

You’ve been asked to configure a wireless access point for use on the company network. As part of your overall security policy, you’ve been asked to enable MAC filtering as part of the configuration. What is MAC filtering?

WEP or WPA2?

You’re configuring an access point with MAC filtering and WEP encryption, but the security administrator says that WEP encryption should not be used. As a standard, the security administrator has selected WPA2 instead. Why would he insist on WPA2?

Wireless Security

A wireless network provides excellent mobility, but it also creates a number of security concerns. In this video, we’ll discuss wireless encryption types and aspects of access point security that include MAC filtering, SSID management, IP addressing, and firmware.

Installing and Configuring Networks

Before you can use a network, you first need to install and configure the network adapter’s hardware settings, protocols, and client options. In this video, we’ll demonstrate how to setup a wired and wireless adapter in Windows XP and how the protocols and network clients are configured.