Where can you get more information?

You’re troubleshooting a problem that appears intermittently on a user’s workstation. The user has complained of error messages and slowdowns that occurred yesterday, but they didn’t write down any of the messages and the slowdowns aren’t happening today. Where can you go to gather more information on this problem?

A) Task Manager

B) Services

C) Performance Monitor

D) Event Viewer

E) Ask the user to type slower and take more breaks

The answer: D) Event Viewer

The Windows Event Viewer keeps a log of important information, and many error messages are stored in the Event Viewer for later review. If application or system problems occurred yesterday, the Event Viewer may have some information that might help you understand and resolve the problem. Since each event is logged with a date and time, it will also be useful to have the user provide you with the time of day they experienced the issue.

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