N10-008 Network+ Study Resources

You need four things to make your studies a success; comprehensive videos, good books, plenty of hands-on, and lots of Q&A. These resources should give you everything you need to pass your Network+ exam!

Resource #1: My Videos

Every minute of my Network+ Course is available to watch for free, including replays of every monthly live Study Group Q&A session.

Click here to watch the N10-008 Network+ video course

My Network+ Course Notes include summaries of every video, including the text and graphics for each CompTIA exam objective.

Resource #2: Good Books

You’ll need as many resources as possible to pass your exam. Here are some of the most popular Network+ books:

Resource #3: Plenty of Hands-On:
The Official CompTIA N10-008 Network+ CertMaster Labs

If you’re looking for the best hands-on labs, then you should go to the source. CompTIA has developed some of the most comprehensive and easy-to-use Network+ labs available.

Resource #4: Lots of Q&A:
The Official CompTIA N10-008 Network+ CertMaster Practice

If you think you’re ready for your exam, then try the official CompTIA CertMaster Practice Q&A!

There’s no better final check of your exam readiness than taking a practice text. CompTIA’s official CertMaster Practice includes hundreds of questions for your N10-008 Network+ studies.