CompTIA Network+ N10-004: 1.3 – Address Formats

It’s important that a Network+ certified professional be familiar with the different forms of network addresses that traverse our wired and wireless technologies. In this video, we’ll show you the details behind the MAC address, the IPv4 address, and the IPv6 address.

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4 thoughts on “CompTIA Network+ N10-004: 1.3 – Address Formats”

  1. I recently installed a DNS Router at home which gave me the option of setting up Ipv4 or Ipv6 or both. Which of the 3 options would you suggest and why?

  2. Is it just me or does it seem like the industry over compensated w/ IPv6? 340 Trillion, Trillion, Trillion? Really? It’s going to make for some ridiculously complicated IP addressing. And what happened to IPv5?

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